Cannot update from 3.0.0 RC to 3.0.1 pl 1

  • Hello,

    When I attempt to update from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1, I get the following error at approximately 17%...

    It should be noted that this is a bare-bones installation. That is to say, this installation contains only the core. In fact, the only thing that is customized is the header image. I'm currently working on a plugin to sit on top of the WCF Core framework, but this plugin has not formed itself coherently enough to even consider trying to install it.

    That being said, with the site being as bare-bones as it is, it would not be too much of a pain to nuke it and re-install 3.0.1 fresh, though I'd like to fix the issue if at all possible.

    Let me know what log files you would like me to furnish and I'll get them posted as soon as I can. If the error message was any help, I would've been trying to diagnose the issue myself, though I cannot discern any meaningful message from it and I'm not familiar enough with the Woltlab Core to attempt anything else.

    Edit: For all the good it does, here's the text output of the error...

    [nF<Tvo"%+4h"Cij%ՠ@dI>Jd/$mM`P2yx|߹r茾z/CS'/߈S+qKG1Fħ(s"|yΧI#5WQ* ȝ$%q_tJCrֹdw"N"QO]SL1EI{~AXQ%8i(I33gI(ISx w*O%AM `>"r!:?4eqUniJ-ǣi`0.ݒlpZW0m[\EkZø~U*h= Ŝ#9 ׄ@km²2!zOjeEQW:ud6+!sE[H<Qvv?|s堸\_}܊UEP)9G6۬T̴G5TCjAizOynhuz ]JEY~U.b-Z"`Ad|Ӯ&mLJ^R!<h<AFe;}BD7w-{[yky{!oWۓm(<~PE4NiZ^8HvFj2rƃ4=,F]\=12Bo!,R֯N3~:hS\7K7R_D0F8(TprF޵X:m9{j:fsjoxK<训.xT T.nvhga9X"}#meOr3ȃs%(!HB䎸qqCHv1.S f8v kNanq>%vFN?2hH(bhr EiQjdUY 9 _T,0v&ca4)X%89]Ȇ w6?~OXУ&^VQ>K(ʀMF'|q# MWr(8î|0zuuMB%??0NE ]q,hyT2{D493bzQ叫4 uzŷ[W;S(|e͋%$01Fg<\-e쌭55%H7Rz?@>zJuw\fWjdCߠ$d0^noOEz؍UyOoWL P}9?3 v|tp`mvhAJ{DGGwNZ}fxh rXB鞼YU)gN@]P#B=~0 iȧ,^it+6|TVˋky[R.-8#'4b/Dx!y^/Tn%lI,LT F?oo?ƝkԀ_py|;@%^[OgK<I`"I5EBR:F,_+ț76UWƵ#<]yzU/q.yF.t]-;:k/ϋZH@.wY}JbgjW3*SmXշ̞;rIu&s30\Mñ{]&RkAD*Y f HB ^ʫKa31KdV_8snuGuj}F[}ʇ ^7ZwN/N./.0 uL4οM.)[Qayr)Zw$CCYۯJeܽ8`u`/P|&r10_<&͸{B$4WÐ.j&J-vPR1ɢFZ+ա]=!hnA2_H(0ɑekg;mUũ*^ pi0

    Thank you