WB Suite 3 Design

  • Affected Version
    WoltLab Suite 3.0


    I am really disappointed about the design of the new suite while you are already far in the development process (Beta 4).

    I really think it can be a huge brake for the promotion of the suite while it is in my opinion one of the top existing board software if not the best.

    I liked very much the design of version 4 and i find this one very ugly. I moved from IPB to WBB because of the functionnalities and the design (also to avoid hacks/attacks since it was less known)

    I understand the need to be a clean design and mobile friendly, but the way it is implemented is unsuccessfull. Doing simple design is not that easy and i am afraid that you will loose some of your customers or may not bring more to use the suite. It looks like the new IPB suite but the look and feel is worse even though i consider IPB last suite not nice.

    I'd never move from my current version to this one if it keeps the same design, unless some people create nice skins but i didn't find in the past those skins to be clean and nice (especially compared to other board skins). And if it stay this way i may be forced to move to another software.

    I advice you to work on the look and feel, because this is a real weekness of the new suite and may ruin all the efforts you have made.

    I'd love to continue using WBB, but this look does not make me want to try it.

  • Honestly, I didn't like it at first either being used to 4.1 style look (which I liked also same as you) - but it has grown on me here since, that I now do like this new design a lot. It's very 'TODAY' style look , same as Windows 10 flat look people use on the PC now getting used too. Go take a look at XenForo 2 new design and compare both here and that. WBB Suite 3 style wipes the floor with XenForo 2 new look, if you ask me they got things far more RIGHT with this than them.


  • it is very subjective, and I think woltlab has the best default theme out there.

    Default theme is made as a base for theme development.

  • Consider that this theme will be the default at the woltlab homepage later... It looks too flat. So much space and no create elements at all.

    I quite like the new flat look. But love how everything is bigger now. proper sized font, better sized smilies. Everything is far more readable now than the too small a font used with 4.1

    Just watch out for soem designs created by cls-design.com and Robbe1337HD (and some others)

    Be intertesting to see what can be done with this flat design

  • I actually do like the new design. At first I was a bit surprised but it has grown on me. The only change I would make is to remove avatar next to the quick reply. But that can be done via some simple css and so I'm not worried about it.