Can members add articles

  • Well, if the users are this lazy… You can't over-comfort everything. I really don't see any difference between login in to ACP und chose to add an articel. Why is this so complicated? Call it »Editor Panel« or whatever. Why is it such a big difference if the article management is in the ACP? Almost every CMS has the content creation in some kind of management panel. So it doesn't really matter how you call that management panel.

  • Because people are lazy. Did you remember the old search engines? Where you need to know correct key words and the syntax like ?,*,!,& etc.. And then came google. Clear, easy, fast.  Google had not the better search results, they simply had the better surface.

    Maybe almost every CMS have the article management in some kind of ACP - but why should copy Woltlab everything? 

    You call it over-comfort, I call it make things more attractive. We want that our users create content, so it is our goal to lower the inhibition level. If a user have an idea for an article, he should concentrate to write it and not "how I reach the management page" or  "where have I to click?". 

  • Then again, you'd still need to place the content creation somewhere. Whether it's somewhere in the User Management, under a certain header menu link or inside the ACP. Basically the ACP is just one more click and entering the password away. If your editors only have the right to create content, they won't see any other distracting menu points in the ACP. I don't see where there is a problem with that process.

  • duplicate Merdex Articles are a bit of a dumb-down version of CMS pages as they only support the text type (WYSIWYG, using Redactor II), so it is a single form. If users can start forum threads, they will be able to write articles, it is that simple.

    CMS pages on the other hand are a bit more complicated as they offer more features and different types such as raw HTML and template scripting. Yet they both quite a few similarities, but each of them is the right tool for a specific job.

  • This is the scenario: You asked a user to write an article and explained him how to do this.  One or two weeks later, the user got an idea for an article.

    Your favored way:

    - remember that writing an article is in the user menu point "Administration"

    - login again. And while everyone uses cookies or let the browser save the login credentials: remember the password*

    - Under the Menu CMS find add new article

    - create the article.

    - send it and open another browser tab for a live view. 

    5 Steps, one with a possible problem.

    In compare my current system:

    1. Click on write article.


    2. write article

    2 1/2 instant preview:


    2 1/2 Steps. No login, now second tab. If you want edit your article you can use the inline editor. 

    So maybe I am wrong and people are more motivated if a process is longer and more complicated. But my experience is another. Why to change a process, that worked for years? Because stagnation means regression. 

    *I know it is ridicules. But try yourself, how many password reset emails will sent, after purging the sessions. 

  • Quote from 0xLeon
    Does it really matter where users write the content?

    Yes it matters alot.

    For many reasons.

    The first being .....

    Content Submission in WBB.

    (1) Be given ACP access.

    (2) can write content.

    Obviously (1) is just a pointless barrier to content creation.

    Second .... security issue with ACP access.

    What about allowing moderators to edit articles ? ie. Update them.

    You want to put barriers up for that ?

    Adding content from the ACP is just wrong.    It leads to less content that is out of date. 

    WBB needs to take Content creation seriously.  

  • There is no security issue by granting users only the ability to write articles.

    One security issue would be if the admin put in the wrong settings.

    The issue here is there is no benefit to having article creation being an AdminCP thing.

    So it shouldn't be.

    Xenforo's neglected Pages are a failure. 

    Nothing to copy there.