Some Problems

  • Hello. i have some issues with forum first of all when register with activation email event never come.. after this i want the Username cant put characters like ( ) [ ] { } i want something like block list special characters. plese someone help :)

  • The activation email will be up to how you are sending the email. Odds are it's SMTP (since that's what WBB prefers you to use) and you will be at the mercy of whatever SMTP server you are using to get their associated mail log to see why it's not being delivered (or if it's even being handed off to them).
    If you mean that you want the user name to not consist of those characters, I don't think (as shipped) it has the ability like XenForo to set a regex for acceptable characters. You apparently can only select valid ASCII characters - which those are a member of. There may be an add-on that enhances that, but I haven't looked (if so, hopefully someone will mention it - but I'll check to see if I can find one also).

  • I had a problem with emails not being sent, or not being sent quickly and the problem was from having a firewall that had SMTP_BLOCK set to 1.