Users and their Rank: Auto or Manual Assignment?

  • UPDATE: 19-January 2016
    Due to the fact that I am getting the desired results (e.g., my forum members being advanced to the next "level" as they accumulate points)
    I think this post can be marked as done - which I will do.

    UPDATE: 15-01-2016
    The recently installed Plugin which assigns a User Rank to any newly registered Member of my Forum is working correctly.
    I am waiting to see if this Plugin will assign these newly registered members to the next level once they have earned the required points.
    This Plugin probably doesn't apply to those Members who have Registered BEFORE the Plugin was installed.

    2nd UPDATE: 15-01-2016
    Plugin is advancing my registered members to their next level after reaching the required points.
    Plugin does NOT however assign or advance a Member's rank that were registered BEFORE the Plugin was installed.

    So I guess the remaining question I have regarding my post below is:
    Is it a normal function of the Woltlab Forum Software that my Members were NOT advanced to their next Rank if the mentioned Plugin
    was NOT installed?

    Or to phrase it another way: In order to have my Members ranked, and advanced in their ranking, is the Plugin a necessary addition?

    There is something I don't understand about Users, User Ranks, and how a Registered Member becomes assigned a Specific Rank.
    I was under the impression that a Member would be promoted automatically to the "nest rank" after he or she accumulated the required Points.
    However, that is NOT happening on my Forum.

    I can set the Rank manually - no problem with doing that.
    However, I would like the Rank to be updated automatically for my Registered Members as they earn the required points.

    Question: So what must I do in the ACP to make sure this is accomplished?
    I have included snap shots to show how I have set up the User and Rank Categories, etc.

    View these below:

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