Possible to have a different username and display name

  • Proposal: The ability to have a completely different login name and displayed name

    I personally think this could add in a level of security. The occasional troublemaker learns that "JOHN" (example) is your username and so they keep trying to guess "JOHN" password. Yes, there are preventative measures, but if "JOHN" was only my display name and my real name was "BOB" (example), they're not going to get anywhere.

  • The security thing is obsolete, if you will display the username somewhere, as Netzwerk statet in his proposal.

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  • Hi @Aslan,

    Personally I think it is difficult explain for the users the need to have two usernames. I think the security have to be very simple for the users (and for admins). If you have to explain something, is difficult.

    A most simple solution can be option to disable username in login, and only can use a email. Usually the email is a private data, and we have more than one email (personal, profesional, outlook, gmail...).

    P.D. I have in mind a plugin's request for second factor authentication: Latch - A second authentication factor (security measure)

  • He tested it and does not want to use it ...

  • Personally I think it is difficult explain for the users the need to have two usernames

    Yeah, agree, found that to be the case when I ran IPB years ago and that uses same. It was quite confusing for many people because they just didn't grasp that they login with username and not display name. So ended up turning off display name feature because of it