All the Little Things

  • Last but not least we would like to dive into the minor but yet important changes to the overall user interface and usability of specific features. Continue reading to learn more about the upcoming changes of WoltLab Calendar 2.1.

    Invite Entire User Groups

    One can already invite a list of specific users and we've extended this feature by adding a special mode to invite entire user groups.

    Mark Events as "Featured"

    Events can now be marked as featured by a moderator, additionally we've added a new dashboard box which provides a brief list of upcoming featured events.

    Play it Again, Sam!

    Users can use their own events as a preset to create another one. Instead of just copying the event, its data will be used to pre-fill all applicable input fields in the create form, allowing quick changes before finally creating it.

    Improved Export

    Calendars already offered the ability to export them using the iCalendar-format, we've modified the button to display the full URL which can be used to subscribe to the calendar using a calendar software of choice.

    Finally Friday

    Following a common suggestion, Saturday and Sunday will now be shown in a slighter darker color to easily tell it apart from regular days.

    Marcel Werk
    WoltLab CEO