All the Little Things

  • Despite all these new and exciting features added to the Filebase with version 2.1, we also took the time to evaluate existing features to see if there is room for improvement. There have been a few changes that aim to improve the user experience and general handling of the Filebase. Potentially most interesting is the option to limit statistics to reflect only changes in a specific time frame to prevent statistics becoming almost static over the time.

    Attach Everything

    Previously only images could be attached to an entry and while this is great to visually present things, it was unnecessarily difficult to attach other kind of files. This changes by enabling all kind of files, e.g. instructions or archives; This can be configured on a per user group basis.

    Following our attempts to establish useful aspects of a feature, we've added the drag&drop ordering for attachments already known from the forums. This comes to great use with the preview images as one can now quickly exchange it by moving an image attachment to the front.

    Lead the Way: Website Link

    The link to the author's website has been moved into a distinct and easily recognizable button placed in the sidebar right next to the file description.

    Limit Storage Usage

    Each user group can now be assigned a specific storage limit that is available for all filebase uploads, granting you a fine grained control over the available disk space.

    Lively Statistics

    Over the time certain statistics tend to become completely static, for example files with a historically high download counters block the top spots of the top downloaded box. This gets worse the older the Filebase gets because the measurement relied on absolute numbers and as a result an older file will have a much higher chance of collecting a large numbers of downloads over time, regardless how often it is downloaded per day.

    Filebase 2.1 solves this by introducing an optional time filter, limiting the period that is considered when crunching numbers. For instance the top downloaded list can be set to only recognize downloads of the past 3 months, giving newer files a chance to claim a spot.

    Marcel Werk
    WoltLab CEO