Licences, Custom Option Fields and more

  • Entries already offer a wide set of different input fields, but there are still some quite useful additions that will come along with WoltLab Filebase 2.1. Read ahead and take a glimpse of what is shipped with the upcoming version.


    Each file can now be assigned a specific license; The administrator can set up a list of pre-defined licenses and grant authors to set their custom ones.

    Selection as seen by the author:

    There is an additional setting to enforce acknowledgement of the particular license prior to downloading or purchasing a file.

    Custom Option Fields

    Inspired by the management system for user profile fields, administrators can now set up a very own set of option fields that can be filled in by file authors.

    External Files

    Previously all files had to be uploaded and managed through the filebase itself, we've added an option to grant users the permission to instead just set an external link which leads to another site.

    Team Up!

    Quite similar to the feature already present in WoltLab Blog, authors can now add other users as additional authors. This grants them the permission to edit the entry and upload new versions on their own.