Improved Burning Board Integration

  • Events already feature the ability to comment on them and discuss certain aspects in beforehand. This is extended by using the optional Burning Board integration which causes threads to be automatically created when events are being created. We consider this to be an important aspect and would like to introduce you some of the efforts we've taken to improve this even further.

    Different Forums per Category

    There are now two types of create modes for forum threads, the first one is already known and causes all created threads to be placed in the same forum. We've extended this to optionally support individual forums on a category basis, granting you a much finer control over the destination forum.

    The Event Above

    Threads created automatically for events will now display the event data on the very top of the thread, providing a quick access and lookup on every page the thread. Besides the basic event data it displays a summary of the current participation and the next respectively previous date for repeating events. The full list of participants can be access by clicking on the "Participants" link.

    The content of the first post is automatically derived from the event description and will be updated whenever the description changes.

    Event BBCode

    The new [event] bbcode can be used in posts, blog articles and other content with bbcode support. It displays a small box listing the basic event data such as the date and location.

    Marcel Werk
    WoltLab CEO