Typed Categories

  • I would very much like to add more categories. I would also like to allow my members to add their own categories. But the current design layout is a bit of problem. At the moment it looks like this, which is a lot to scroll past and would only be a bigger eyesore, not to mention not mobile friendly if I continued to add more.

    This is what it looks like now..

    This is a bit of an eyesore and isn't extract mobile friendly. It's a lot to scroll past and is not as streamline in design and take up a lot of space.

    I would like it if people to could make their own categories as easy as they type out tags. Of course this should be an option so admins can use either or (or both).

  • I thought thats what the "blogs" (userblogs) are created for?

    Um.. no...

    Yes, people can make more than one blog. But it would be nice if they could also place those blog entries into difference categories, including making their own.