2.1 -- Add buttons to the TOP, right (not hidden below)

  • Currently these buttons are located all the way down the button, at the far right. It's like you've hidden them, because I have to scroll and scroll all the way down to find them (assume some people want more than just 1 or 2 blogs in their index).

    I would like this either moved or add an extra set to the intuitive top, right (because having them all the way at the bottom is not intuitive)

  • I was just thinking about this now, because I have mine setup for 10 articles on blog index page, and was looking for "Create Article" button at top right of page, but nope it's at bottom of page. It would be nicer and easier to have the create blog and articles up top right of page or bottom right of page for easy access. Hypothetically, what if users had 10 or more (100) articles on blog index page, they'd have to scroll several miles down page to get the buttons or click the "go to bottom of page" icon to get there each time. Maybe rethink this suggestion for 2.2 blog?

  • We would need to make a new suggestion for that.

    Right, cause this one's closed lol. But figured to ask to be on safe side, rather than just jump to start new one for it to be shot down and labeled won't be implemented lol