How to edit Privacy Policy?

  • Can someone direct me to the location of the privacy policy's content? I would like to edit it if possible.

    If not possible there is a few typos.

    1) Your privacy is important to us (Your privacy is important to the us). Is this a reference to us as the operator or the U.S.A.?

    2) Operators's or Operators'. This is debatable, but common English use of the apostrophe after a plural word ending in s is to use s' not s's. A word such as Illinois which has a silent s at the end would use a s's. Go ahead a say to yourself that English is one screwed up language. We already know this to be true.

    3) There are a few non capitalized words at the beginning of sentences, mostly the word "the".

  • Hello, you can modify the Privacy Policy by editing the language variable

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