• I have bought a VPS that should host my forum, but im currently settings it up. So now im looking at LAMP or LEMP. As i understand LEMP sounds like it handles many requests better?
    Do you have any experience with LAMP vs LEMP and Burning Board 4.1?

  • nginx is a pretty fast and resource-efficient webserver, it almost always outscales Apache by a lot. If you have some kind of control panel software which handles everything for you, then you're safe to pick nginx.

    Regarding running Burning Board: runs on nginx :)

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • well currently i SSH into the VPS and configures it from there. :-)
    Have done the security related stuff and now im about to install LEMP shich is nginx which is a part of LEMP as i understand?

  • Installed LEMP and its running

    Good, enjoy your frustration with php-fpm and Nginx :D

    I also went with a vps, got Nginx+php-fpm with microcache enabled(faster loadtime for guests) and memcached as the forum backend, my board is lightning fast!

  • Did you SSH into it?
    My frustration is the guide ended.. Need to find out how to get Burning Board onto it.. (For now i go to sleep!)

  • Im on a Ubuntu 14.04 from

    And im currently stuck ^^

    For Ubuntu:…dovecot-and-ispconfig3-p3

    The dotdeb packages should work! Start from point 8 on that page, in about ~30 mins you got a working setup, atleast then you can start adding websites... won't have any time this weekend to help you any further, if you have any questions, just send me a conversation and i reply when i do have time :)

  • Just keep it here, so others maby can benefit :-)

    I have completed this tutorial:…emp-stack-on-ubuntu-14-04

    So i have a website up and running. But im insecure from what to do now. Some people install the www folder diffrent place and so on.. Would be nice if would archive tutorials to setup Burning Board on VPS' (or atleast some of them).. is cheap and i have not had any technical issues and then its low cost, but with good specs :-)
    Also was told they support linux projects..

  • NEVER follow the guides blindly on You have any idea who many guides there have security flaws, but to the unsuspecting person... Just does a copy and paste.

    @Blueeyez With or without SSL?

    With or without Cloudflare?

  • I have only followed digital oceans own guides so far. Ssl will be added, but so far no cloudflare (site is not up and running because im trying to change the destination of the sites data, but not working yet...

  • I have got LEMP to work and also a ftp server so i uploaed the files to the folder where i have the website, but i met an troll.. Burning Board dosent have permissions to extract the files/write..

    What command can do this, but people who visit the site should not be able to edit in it?

  • The root folder ( /usr/share/nginx/html in the guide from digital ocean) needs to be owned by the user, eg chown -R nginx:nginx /usr/share/nginx/html - if nginx is the user specified in nginx.conf or whatever ubuntu uses

    Also, you should remove the FTP server and use SFTP instead - it's basically file transfer via SSH, so if you can SSH you most likely can SFTP.

  • Currently i cant figure out what user is used during the installtion of Burning Board.. I have 3 users. 1 i use to login, 2 is root, but disabled to remote login and 3 is one i wont mention, because i think its the one.. (But it would sure be nice if i was told what user dostn have the right permissions before the destination..

  • Godt a step further and got a new error, but this one i know.. So think i start from scratch again and see whats going to happen..