Burning Board 4.1 released

  • We're proud to announce the release of Burning Board 4.1, the successor of the widely adopted version 4.0.

    During the past year we've spend most of the time improving existing features and adding popular suggestions into the core. One of the biggest changes is the integration of Redactor 10 as a replacement for the previously used CKEditor, offering a more viable and reliable WYSIWYG editor for both desktops and mobile devices, improving the experience for all your users. Feel free to look around the Product Spotlights forum for more awesome features and improvements.

    Last but not less we wish to express our eternal gratitude to all customers and users who tried out the beta releases and helped us to smooth out all edges and provide the best experience for everyone.

  • Heads up! The list below only lists the changes from Burning Board 4.1.0 RC 2 -> 4.1.0, it does not represent the list of changes since Burning Board 4.0!

    Please be aware that the list below does not cover every single change, while it does provide details on important changes, minor fixes (e.g. typos) are left unnoticed.

    Burning Board 4.1.0

    • Added the ad position "After last category"
    • Fixed posts/threads listed in "Deleted Content" being improperly sorted
    • Fixed a few issues when copying posts

    User Conversation System 2.1.0

    • Internal changes

    Importer 2.1.0

    • XenForo 1.x
    • Fixed import of certain attachment bbcodes

    [*]phpBB 3.x

    • Fixed import of posts
    • Improved detection of filesystem path for phpBB 3.1

    [*]NodeBB 0.x

    • Experimental support for NodeBB via Redis

    [/list]User Infraction System 2.1.0

    • Internal changes

    Legal Notice 2.1.0

    • Internal changes

    Moderated User Groups 2.1.0

    • Internal changes

    WoltLab Community Framework 2.1.0

    • Redactor (WYSIWYG editor)
    • Improved handling of code bbcode
    • Improved pasting of multi-line content
    • Improved click detection and keyboard navigation for quotes
    • Improved detection of smilies and user mentions

    [*]Fixed an issue when searching for purchased products (Plugin-Store)
    [*]Fixed an issue with the routing system when legacy mode is enabled
    [*]Resolved some issues related to small avatars