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  • This is self explanatory I believe, you mark a thread and it's visible on top of your forum or in a separate page. Great way to point out important threads to your members.

  • Thanks for the reply, but not the same thing.

    It is exactly the same thing?

    The only thing it currently doesn't do is displaying pinned threads on a seperate page. But you can easily fake that by putting all announcements in one forum and tick the box to display them in selected other forums as well.

    If you are unsatisfied with the term announcement, then you can easily change that to "Featured" by changing the language variable.

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  • Since this thread is exactly on my point I'd like to second the request made by SP.

    In other words, I as curator of the forum would like to go through and mark "Featured Threads" that will appear in a "Featured Thread" box that i can place on the front page of my site. This would be regularly changed by me as curator, but can't happen automatically according to "date" or to "popularity." I want to direct the attention of new users to the site to important threads wherever they might be located in subforums all across the site.

    Just as SP said, I don't think that the Pinned or Announcement status of a thread, which works well within a forum, serves the purpose of gathering particular threads into a box that can be used in a central location.

    Of course this is an old thread - maybe there is a way to do this today?

    Thanks very much.

    The only thing it currently doesn't do is displaying pinned threads on a seperate page.

    Yes and that's exactly what i want to do - create a box and display all of these "featured" threads on a separate page, probably the front page of the website.

  • Thank you Batarjal -- I am going to go read up on this now!

    I hope to find the answer to this but I see the example of a sidebar box that will allow me to select "featured" - will the box work in the "main content" pane as well, or just in a sidebar?