Installation of 4.1 Beta 4

  • I don't understand Step #4

    1. Download the installation archive onto your computer
    2. Extract the archive
    3. Upload the files "install.php" and "WCFSetup.tar.gz" to your webserver
    4. Start the installation by navigating your browser to the file "test.php"

    I have installed via FileZilla to the public_html folder as directed by step 3. I just can't figure out what to do next.

  • Open your web browser of choice and go to

    Your url /test.php

    IF it passed, you'll see a link to continue with the install. Follow that link.

  • I refreshed it again and it worked. Must be godaddy being slow

    Goes to a Godaddy advertisement. I don't have my live site on Godaddy because it is horrible but wanted to test 4.1 on it because it's paid for for another 11 months

    Speaking from experience and also speaking from the experience I have in helping other people set up their sites... ie.. WordPress, phpBB, vBulletin, IP.Board, MyBB, ect... ect... There is a good chance you may experience issues on GoDaddy. They do not exactly seem to do MySQL / PHP so well.

    This isn't necessarily a guarantee, but rather a high probability (based upon everything I know personally and everything I ever have heard from anyone else). Should you encounter such issues such as an excessively slow site or resource warnings with only yourself online... This could be such an indication.

    Just something you may want to keep an eye on (if you plan on using this for production in the future).

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  • Database Support not found?

    You will need to log into their control panel and make a database and user name for that database, assuming you have an account with GoDaddy (your current hosting service provider) that offers MySQL (and assuming it is online).

  • I'm missing a step somewhere. I started over just be be sure.

    1) Reset to a fresh CPanel within Godaddy
    2) Uploaded a php.ini file in the public_html file with 128m
    3) Created a database with MySQL Database Wizard (NOT SURE HOW THIS TIES IN WITH THE DOMAIN NAME?)
    4) Added the three files from the extracted zip file
    5) Went to /test.php
    6) /test.php did not work this time around but /install.php brought up the community framework
    7) The install could not find the database support

  • First about step #3 .... So long as your domain name is linked to your hosting account, you shouldn't worry about the domain name when making your database.

    cPanel usually will make your full database name associated with your user name though. For example, if your cPanel user name is "John" and the database name you made was "Doe" your full domain name will be "John_Doe" (including the underscore) If in doubt, you should be able to see the full database name and user name listed in cPanel's MySQL list.

    You want to make sure you typed both the database name, user name, and password that you made correctly.

    As for step #7 ... IF you are 100% sure you are entering the correct information... You could be running into the GoDaddy issues I talked about earlier. They do have a well documented history on many web hosting forums ( for example) for having MySQL issues (typically it going offline).

    However, if you wish, you can send me a PM and I would be able to try to set up for you.

  • You will NOT be able to use your current web hosting service provider, GoDaddy. It has failed the test as it is reporting to be missing the following important feature from php.


    The 'PDO' PHP extension is missing. PDO is required for a stable work of this software.
    Die 'PDO' Erweiterung für PHP wurde nicht gefunden. Diese Erweiterung ist für den Betrieb der Software notwendig.

  • Godaddy sucks eggs

    You will get no argument from me. I have helped move a lot of people away from Godaddy over the years. This is my current recommended list of hosting providers that I feel do a fairly good job.

    == Managed Hosting ==

    == Managed & Unmanaged ==

    == Unmanaged ==

    == DNS Providers ==

    == CDN Providers ==

    == Domain name registrars ==

    * notes the ones I, myself am currently using at this moment

  • PDO is a default component of PHP since 5.1.0 (released in 2005) and they're missing it? At least their VPS/Dedicated Servers seem to explicitly have PDO installed:…d-by-default-on-my-server

    Weird host :D

    Friends don't let friends use Godaddy OR EIG (Endurance International Group)
    I find those who typically avoid these, typically have a better chance of avoiding strange problems.

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