Conversations limit, attachment shown in post

  • I've looked up whole panel admin and I couldn't find how to change maximum conversation limit. Default is 100 and I need 500 or even more (client's phantasy).

    Another thing is that if there is a way to show attachment in post (if attachment is an image), by default there is only link to open image in new tab.

  • The conversation limit is user-group based and not a global setting. Type Maximum conversations into the ACP search (top right corner) and click on the result, on the following page you're able to configure it for all groups at once.

    Attachments will be displayed as images by default, see the images below (the first one is embedded, the second is just attached):

  • You are able to change the limit for a specific user group, so the settings are there.

    After uploading an image, there are 3 options next to it - delete, add preview and add original.

  • Thanks for answer. Admin searcher seems to be very useful for me.
    @Alexander Ebert I think you should create page with this kind of features listed in. It will be very helpful for me and probably many other users.

    I noticed that some attachments are displayed some are just linked. But this is fine.

    Thanks for very quick reply.