All The Little Things (Part 2)

  • A great software is not entirely based upon the big features, but also the little things that make you enjoy using it and helping you to accomplish your goals. We would like to introduce you some more useful tweaks and additions below.

    Backdating Blog Articles

    You can now grant your authors the permissions to modify the publication date of already published articles.

    Mention Others

    Already known from the forums, we have added the ability to mention users in blog articles, optionally notifying them based upon their user preferences.

    Featured Articles

    Moderators can flag articles as "Featured", these articles will be shown with an additional badge. In addition they'll be higher ranked when choosing from the pool of articles on the blog overview page.

    Search by Category

    Instead of searching all articles, one can now limit the search scope to one or more categories in order to yield better search results.

    Articles as News

    A new dashboard box allows you to present articles from chosen blogs as news on the dashboard.

    Marcel Werk
    WoltLab CEO

  • A new dashboard box allows you to present articles from chosen blogs as news on the dashboard.

    I like this feature, it will save me from installing this plugin:

    However, the only thing I don't care for, is it asks for which blogs to select to get the "news" from. If there's hundreds of user's blogs, won't that be overwhelming in the selector list? In my opinion, like the plugin I linked, it's better to choose categories to get "news" from, rather than user's blogs.

    On localhost, I had previously made test article to default category, and after updating to blog 2.1, it just made me a user blog "Smooey's Blog", when I didn't even want one made. I made blog categories for "site news", "help", etc. So articles posted in those categories, should be pulled to dashboard as "news". Now, in order for site announcements, help guides, etc to be posted on dashboard of site, I'll have to put them in "Smooey's Blog" (even though those articles don't really fit there). :/X/

    With that plugin:

    I could just choose "Announcements", "Features", "Help", & "Projects" blog categories, and be on my way. Having to choose blogs are confusing lol. I'll almost have to delete those site related categories now, and make blogs for each one. "Site Name Announcment's Blog", "Site Name Feature's blog", "Site Name Help's Blog", etc.

  • press ctrl + select
    you can select multiple blogs (even all of them :D)

    yeah, but i don't want blogs selected though lol. it's easier and nicer to just select blog categories there. I made blog categories like this:

    - Site Name (top Blog Category)
    -- Announcements (sub Category)
    -- Features (Sub Category)
    -- Help (Sub Category)
    -- Projects (Sub Category)

    Then, selected just that top category and sub categories only, cause they were for site related news / articles only. So it's easier to just assign site related articles to specific site related blog categories, and they're all "pulled" to dashboard from those site related categories. Now, with the changes in 2.1 blog, you have to almost create site related blogs, and select those.

  • That sucks, I'm not sure what's best thing to do now though. Make blog named after site "My Site Blog", and assign articles to that blog only, and then use only that blog in ACP under Dashboard selector option. Just made it more confusing this way though, than needed to be. But creating blog "Site Name Blog" I don't think works either, because it gets "Smooey" before it as well as "Site name". It some how picks my username on there, and also appends other words I choose to use.

  • The name of the blogs you can change (edit it)
    It did that automaticaly while upgrading using your username.

    Its the same when importing from WP...

    Yeah, I'll do that, thanks for mentioning it. I'll have to get used to it on localhost first before upgrading it else where. I'll also have to go through phrases, changing everything "Blog" to "Journal", and articles to entries, again lol

    Edit: Odd, but see no where to delete blogs if you want too, only edit them?

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  • Usually you only have to click the "checkbox" again.

    ah okay, will try it.

    Blogs can only be deleted when they are empty ...(i didnt see that in the begining as well..)

    Okay, on localhost, one is empty, but can't find option to delete it though lol.

    And damn it!! It made more new links, so it's not "" .. it's now, " wtf!? Lol. All currently made categories (even with permissions for each usergroup) don't show them up. Grr lol. 27.xx upgrade for more headaches. X/

  • Back on topic regarding the feature(s) of the 2.1 blogs, do you have any idea maybe why the blog cats don't show on blog index like before, or at least in sidebar? I did fresh install for 4.1.5 and 2.1.0 blog, and the default category at least displayed in right sidebar. I didn't even touch permissions for groups for that one. The one that was on a test live site before, has top cats that have group permissions and children categories under it, so the categories should be displaying to guests, users, admins, mods, everyone, but they aren't lol. Is that another bug? Or maybe I'm doing something wrong.. Or perhaps it's a new change, to save space, give the content more room or focus on content itself?

  • Not sure if that was wanted or not, but I like it this way better. I believe it's nicer having the Blog main page as a sort of 'blog portal' where you see previews or teasers of the latest blogs, with categories placed on the right sidebar. Now, it's visually appealing -- visitors aren't welcomed by a boring list as before -- and this is even more important if one chooses to set Blog as their site homepage.

  • I did get a category list on sidebar (of default category) after a fresh installation of both 4.1.5 and 2.1.0 blog, nothing was touched setting wise. However, after an upgrade, it didn't appear at all. All top categories were set to allow guests, everyone, users, staff to at least view the categories. None displayed, I only found the categories under the little sub menu "articles" "localhost/journals/entry-list/" link. Then I seen them in right sidebar. Well, the two top categories that is.

    Maybe there's sidebar setting I'm missing for it.

    Edit: Yes, that was it. Problem solved lol. :thumbsup:

    Edit: Actually didn't fix the main page listing of categories, but got it to at least display the top categories in sidebar. Under Dashboard setting area, I added the blog categories to display on blog index.

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