All The Little Things (Part 1)

  • Blog 2.1 comes along with a handy set of features improving writing and managing articles, we would like to take the opportunity to show you some of them in this spotlight.

    Navigate Between Articles

    Right below each article are two navigation items leading to the chronological succeeding or preceding article in the current blog.

    History of Previous Versions of an Article

    The edit history already known from Burning Board 4.1 is made available in Blog 2.1 too and aims to help track changes or recover earlier versions.

    Directly Influence the Article Teaser

    The so-called "[readmore]" tag can be used to specify an exact cut-off point for the article teaser, granting a more fine-grained control over the appearance on article listings.

    Save Unfinished Articles as Drafts

    Some articles take some time to be completely written, Blog 2.1 grants you the ability to save them as a draft and finish them at a later point of time.

    Marcel Werk
    WoltLab CEO