Lost password email message

  • Can anyone show me how to change the email message members receive when they have lost their password. Members are very confused by the stock message.

    Can I change the subject of the email also to lessen the chances of going into the junk folder?

  • The main confusion is that when a person follows the first emails link it goes to the home page instead of somewhere that tells them what is going to happen next. They receive a second email but they are not all computer savvy like we are and get confused and give up.

  • Hi

    sure: Head into your ACP -> Appearance -> Languages -> Manage Phrases and search for „wcf.user.lostPassword.mail“ (without the quotes).

  • Hi

    Is there a setting to fix the automatic passwords?

    There isn't. Personally I would copy the password, instead of typing it, but I understand your concern. Consider creating a suggestion: WoltLab Community Framework Maybe special characters, as well as characters that look similar (zero / letter „o“) should be removed and the length increased to make up for that.