All The Little Things (Part 2)

  • Following our principle that there is always room for improvements, we have taken a lot of effort to improve the general usability and better interaction with content. Since the release of Burning Board 4.0 we have received a lot of great suggestions and it's time to show them in action.

    Improved visual display of quotes

    Quotes will now show the author's avatar right next to them, tightening the connection between users and their content.

    View given and received likes in user profiles

    We have added a new tab to the user profile, enabling users to review both given and received (dis-)likes.

    ImageViewer improvements

    Community Gallery 2.0 was the first product to make use of our new ImageViewer and it's time to expand its use cases: Starting with Burning Board 4.1 it will serve as image viewer for attached and embedded images in posts. On mobile devices it will load a special version of the image viewer which was completely designed for smaller devices.



    Tapping on the image will cause the viewer to toggle the fullscreen mode, hiding the upper and lower bar and granting the image to take up the full available width and height. When in fullscreen mode you can switch between images by simply swiping to the left or right.

    Watch icon reflects status

    The 'Watch Thread' icon now updates its visuals if a thread currently is being watched (or not):

    Not watched:


    Author can view own content awaiting approval

    Authors are now able to access and view their own content, regardless if it requires approval or not.

    Automatic recognition of internal forum links

    Posting a link to an internal forum without providing a dedicated link title will now be recognized by the system and it's title is being replaced by the actual forum name.

    Improved email notifications for new replies

    The message text for new replies is now optionally added to the email notification.

    Improved embedding of attachments

    Embedding attachments was limited to the original post, any attempts to add them in a different message (regardless of ownership) resulted in the plain link to the attachment. This is especially bad if dealing with attached images, because the preview thumbnail was not displayed, leaving a potential reader clueless. We have added a new system which will track attachments embedded into messages, e.g. posts or blog articles. The system is now able to properly display the attachment preview if the viewer can access the preview in the original message.
    An example: You upload an image to thread A and you are now able to embed the same attachment in blog article B without the need to upload the file again. If a viewer has access to thread A, the attachment in blog article B will be properly visible. If the viewer does not have access to thread A, the system will expose no details. In short this means you can link the attachment in many places without having to fear that sensitive content is exposed to 3rd parties.

    New Dashboard boxes

    Burning Board 4.1 adds a set of four new Dashboard boxes for the sidebar:

    • Users online
    • Followed Users Online
    • Birthdays of Followed Users
    • Staff Members Online

  • I sure hope so. But we have to be patient :) it doesn't help to ask every day when the time comes for the beta release. And then when it comes who knows how long the beta phase will last. :) it probably all depends on how extensive the users will test the beta release and report possible bugs.
    I'm really excited about the release! :)

    My outlooks is this... When will it be ready? Answer: When it's ready.

    But I do know the beta is soon, because originally that url was the home of the gallery demo. It is the same url they used for 4.0. So I suspect we'll see it soon enough.