[YOU] BBCode (no end tag)

  • For those unaware, the [you] tag is a common bbcode that is dynamically replaced with the readers' username, or 'guest' if they are not logged in. This makes it easy to make personalised posts to reach all users.

    I've had no problem writing a bbcode in the format [you][/you], however I'm in the process of converting posts from a VB4 forum that use just [you]. This results in all text being cut off after the [you] tag, as the closing tag is not present.

    Is there any way to 'censor' the phrase [you], or bypass the closing tag requirement?

  • This can't be done via BBCode, because a BBCode needs a closing tag. However, i've made this nearly a year ago. If i find it, i can send it to you.

    Ah thanks for clearing that up. If you do find it, that would be great, otherwise it might just be a lengthy find+replace :p