Coding standards

  • Hello,

    I've some questions regarding the coding standards for WCF.

    • Are there any "must exist" fields in single item record? eg I've seen fields like: languageID, token, cumulativeLikes, ipAddress. Are they mandatory fields in table structure?
    • I can't say that I'm fun of Forum style in coding. I've my own style. For example my Articles addon for vBulletin is: , for Classifieds I used: , for Gallery: and so on. I can say that vBulletin community Loved or Hated them. There was no average. I was the black sheep for webmasters who want everything to look like a forum (thread mode), but another big part of them loved this "extreme" design. How are things with WBB webmasters?

    Thank you

    • Having a primary key is a big plus, as it massively speeds up the process of looking up and retrieving data from MySQL. Besides that if you're referencing data from other tables (e.g. languageID -> wcf1_language), you should provide proper foreign keys. This way rows will automatically be purged if the referenced item no longer exists, keeping the database clean and consistent
    • Well, the software is based upon the framework which aims to unify the looks of every applications. We intended to allow people build a modular site which looks more like it's monolithic, where everything is built-in. The exact opposite would be attempts to make it look like it was built with Lego bricks with all these edges and nothing fits together

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  • Having a primary key is a big plus

    Having a primary key is a must for a relational database, I know it. I meant if there are field that I need to add for storing requirent values from the framework. eg Ladugageid is a mandatory field or not?. Storing the posters IP is a must or not?

    As for "my style". I'm always using the framework's standards eg for creating the dataschema, for cleaning the inputs etc. I just like to use diffent design to show the data.