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  • No argument there, more services is (almost) always better ;)

    Why are you blocked from Paypal?

    But tbh Stripe gives me a headache. They don't even have an imprint on their site, and thats almost never a good sign. Europeans, and especially Germans are mosty quite concerned about privacy and stuff, and thus having a processor that sits in Luxembourg and has a proper imprint is much better to sell to us then a payment processor that sits in the US (were laws are sometimes quite ridiculuos) and doesn't have a proper imprint.

    Just saying, the choice of preferred payment processor (and in a way also which one gets implemented first) is also a cultural one. After all, money transaction require trust in the 3rd party.

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  • Paypal also accepts credit cards

    But not all banks accept paypal. ;)

    Look, after the whole banking problem in America... Many people left the big banks (bank of america for example) and moved their funds to local or smaller banks (or credit unions). Turns out most of those smaller banks will not touch paypal (or not easily), because the level of fraud concerning paypal is to high.

    So when you try to buy something through paypal... It has a good chance of it either being declined or flagged.

  • I'm a little bit confused as to what a bank has to do with Paypal? Maybe I simply don't understand how you are using it?

    If I want to buy something from an online store which accepts paypal, then i just buy something there and pay with paypal. paypal transfers funds to the store owner. Paypal gets money from me via direct debit. Where in this chain would any bank be able to decline anything?

    On the other hand, I can also transfer funds to paypal beforehand so that I have paypal credit and use this to purchase something. Again, me transfering funds out of my account and to paypal is nothing a bank could possibly decline.

    And, the other question: Why would a bank that - for some reason- did not want to have to do anything with paypal accept any other online payment processor, e.g. stripe?

    Don't get me wrong - I totally support adding more options to the payment feature. But I don't really understand some of the problems with it (yet), so anything you can elaborate would help ;)

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  • Random thought...

    I'm getting mad... An upgrade should never feel like a downgrade. I waited all this time for all these features that I kept reading about, but cannot find any of them.

  • Random thought...

    Not amused. Want to love it, was loving it, something has gone south... Willing to love it again... Just having a WTF moment

  • Random thought...

    I want Woltlab to take Woltlab Blogs more seriously. Your competition is WordPress.

    My competition is wordpress.com, thoughts.com, blogster.com, and blogger.com

    I need you to think bigger and bolder.

  • I'm not amused by your negativity...

    I do not think this is worth for Woltlab.

    Just because you don't use the blogs, doesn't mean others should be punished for your lack of interest.

    I may not currently use the calendar or the file base, but I want to see it offer the most it can for those who do use them. Because I wish everyone (including you) the best with their developments, even if it isn't something that I'll personally use or need.