Link Checker plugin

  • i'm really in a bad need of a full link checker system (to notify the admin also to auto-delete dead file host links) to verify working file host links from the dead links ?!! does anyone know how to get this plugin i can buy or donate to get this plugin for the woltlab burning board version 4.0.x :):)

  • i only need to check the first post of any thread only and i can define which forum do i have to check if the plugin give the right to do so

  • You DO realize that an automatted dead link check is almost impossible?

    1.) Links can be unreachable fort short periodsm creating false positives when you autmatically test them
    2.) Response times may vary
    3.) You will have an abundane of links to check, creating a huge pile of load on your server
    4.) Even if the target servers responds, there is no guarantee that there is actually the content you expect behind them

    Encourage your users to report broken links via the report system and only act (= manually check) when there is something to act upon. It's by far more effective then trying to get some automatted checks to work which are prone to fail anyway.

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