Burning Board 3.0 - End of Life

  • Burning Board 3.0 was a milestone in the history of forum softwares, featuring a modern user interface and the most advanced underlying framework among other forums. After more than 6 years since it was released, it is now time to retire. All good things come to an end:

    Support for Burning Board 3.0 will be completely dropped as of June 1st 2014. This comes with a few important changes:

    • Burning Board 3.0 subforums will be closed and it's content purged somewhere in the future
    • Downloads for this version will be removed from the customer area
    • Update-Servers for Burning Board 3.0 will shut down
    • Plugins in the Plugin-Store dedicated to Burning Board 3.0 only will be removed

    These changes will be applied on June 1st 2014, until then forums, downloads and updates remain available.

  • It has come to our attention, that this announcement is potentially misleading, therefore I would like to clarify things:

    We're dropping support for Burning Board 3.0 only, this does explicitly not affect Burning Board 3.1 which will be supported at least until December 2015.

  • The support for Burning Board 3.0 has now been officially terminated, the software is no longer offered for download and the update-server has been partly shut down. You will no longer receive updates or support.

    We highly recommend all users of Burning Board 3.0 to update to Burning Board 3.1 or 4.0.