Image and Attachment Watermarker plugin 4.0/4.1

  • I would like to request an image and attachment image watermark plugin. Every time a user attaches images as attachments to their posts, they can have option to embed a watermark of our website directly to the images. Could this be possible? Thank you.

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  • I did not completely check it yet, but i guess, that adding such a feature isn't possible, except if you adapt the current attachment stuff and "hide" the current implementation.

    Oh wow, that sounds like a headache just to maybe get something like this working then. I would have never thought it would be so complex. Well, if someone tries to take a crack at it, it would be great of them. Even if they put price tag on it, I wouldn't mind it, I'd expect it lol.

  • You may try to add an issue on github.

    Okay, thanks. I might try that then. :) I just would have assumed since there's been an official gallery plugin sold here, that someone would have handled this long time ago. Because I know most people don't want their work/photography stolen and claimed by other people some where else. Cause copyright infringement and photography theft is a big deal to photographers and models and the like. Too bad it wasn't implemented directly into the Burning Board system and Gallery itself lol.

  • Maybe, the galery has such a feature. I just checked the attachment implementation and it doesn't seem to support the possibility, to manipulate files.

    Oh okay, I'll probably bring this up at github then soon and see what someone says.

  • deviantART has such option

    yeah, and this person wants to move away from deviantart, because of people stealing her work, before she started doing watermark on them all. which covers all her photos entirely. hence why i starting own community, where i can invite my friends from other places and they'll be safe and protected from those types of people. :)

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  • Maybe, the galery has such a feature. I just checked the attachment implementation and it doesn't seem to support the possibility, to manipulate files.

    You can listen for the generateThumbnails call, it is executed right after all valid attachments have been processed. You get passed all images that have been uploaded, with the exception of very tiny pictures (I guess we can ignore them safely).

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  • Still in need and looking for something like this plugin. It's important for photographers, models, actors, actresses, etc to protect their own work with their own copyright or at least the forum site name and year attached to their photos, images, etc. So many people steal other people's photos, images, and claim them as their own, which is wrong.

    I know they could easily watermark them in photoshop or gimp themselves, but sometimes in a hurry they forget to do it, or perhaps they just don't know how to use photoshop or gimp. So if photos or images automatically get copyrighted during attachment process, it's beneficial.

    Perhaps have input field at attachments area for users to enter in their own "copyright" notice text and it's "imprinted" through attaching/attachment process before posting them. So Mary can include "Mary's Photography 2014", but then John can use his own "John's Photography 2014 - 2015" etc

    Or have extension to 2.1 gallery watermark system, to allow specific user groups x amount of watermarks and users own watermarks. The built in 2.1 gallery watermark feature is just limited to whatever the site admin/owner makes for watermark. I also know there's Gallery Extension / EasyMedia plugin available, but why spend 80 euro or so just to get those watermark abilities? Doesn't make sense. Basically watermark feature, functionality, abilities of Gallery Extension but just for 2.1 Gallery, to help extend the 2.1 Gallery.

    I just want example;
    users = 1 watermark
    premium 1 membership group = 5 watermarks
    premium 2 membership group = 10 watermarks.

    Users of each specific group can create/upload/ use their own watermarks for in gallery, or uploaded attachments.

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