Good hosting for WBB in America?

  • Hi I am looking for a good host for my forum in the US (east) I know people here are mostly from Europe, but I just wanted to see if anyone has any tips. Looking for a linux server (idk what else my criteria should be?) Currently I am with Fatcow and it is sh*t. Would you recommend VPS or shared or cloud? I really don't know, cloud seems quite interesting and ok price.

  • Ok I moved it to Hawk Host, I heard great things about them and could not find any bad reviews online, they are not as big as fatcow or hostgator, which is a good thing I guess, they supposedly do not oversell servers. They do not claim to be "unlimited", but hostgator or fatcow are not unlimited too, the only thing unlimited is the amount of bull**** you will get from the support when your site is running slow. Anyway, if they suck too I have 30 days to get my money back, which is what I did with fatcow :D