Censorship Feature Does Not Work

  • I wish to identify some words as unacceptable in my forum, but when I try to use the Censorship feature, it does not block the use of the test word I have entered, which is "fuck*"

  • That's strange. Have you enabled censorship?

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  • I just realized what the problem was.

    I entered "fuck*" as shown in the explanatory details at the bottom of the banned words box. This guidance is misleading because the entry will only work if there are no quotes. The correct entry is

  • Usually one doesn't enter quotes, too. Quotes just make clear every charakter enclosed by those quotes has to be entered. Qoutes kind of group what you have to enter.

  • True. However, possible misunderstanding could be avoided with some additional words. For example the first sentence in the instruction states:
    "Enter here the words you would like to censor"

    This could be amended to state:

    "Enter here the words you would like to censor without the quotes"

  • Might be true, but it is quite common to have an instruction like 'Enter "somesyntax{}" in the box' and you NEVER enter the quotes.