Writing an extension to send a PM when "like" is clicked

  • In the process of researching our forum purchase, I came across the above quote on another admin forum and instantly realized that this is exactly what we need.

    community is a support community for people with intense long term
    chronic pain. It's pretty intense, and experienced members take time out
    of their busy schedules to support newer members. A system that
    transforms a "like" into an opportunity to send a message to the author
    of the liked post would be a big deal of our forums. It would make
    posting much more gratifying for the experienced members, increase
    retention of those same members, and ensure that people got better

    How would one go about modifying BurningBoard to have
    something where if one clicked on "like," a field popped up that
    prompted you to send a PM to the person to thank them?

    I ask this
    because, whatever forum software we go with, I plan to get pretty deep
    into the innards, writing extensions. I've already gotten pretty deep
    into our MediaWiki installation, writing extensions in PHP, and expect
    to do the same, only more so, in the forum.

    Given the above,
    before we make our final purchase decision, I'd like to get a sense of
    what it's like to write extensions for the various platforms we are
    considering. The only way to really get a feel for a software framework
    is to dig in and start designing software in it, so in addition to
    asking this question because I want to make that particular extension, I also want to seriously investigate how I'd write this thing, so I can get a feel for the platform. Hence, please
    go into as much detail as you are willing about which hooks I'd want to
    listen for and which tutorials or open source projects I'd want to look

    Thanks in advance for reading this far and any feedback you can give.

  • Your solution would be based upon some JavaScript and exactly one PHP class behind. The overlay with your message input can be easily accomplished with jQuery and https://www.woltlab.com/pluginstore/plugin.html?pluginID=284, you can simply install both packages in your Burning Board and these libraries would be ready to work with (pay attention to their descriptions!). I'm not going to deep into all this fancy AJAX stuff, there are loads of pretty fine tutorials on this case.

    Following on the PHP class would primarly consist of a simple validation (input not empty, user is not a guest, etc.) and sending the PM. The last things is almost child's play:

    If you have further questions on this case, feel free to ask - I will be happy to help you :)

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH