can not convert

  • I cannot convert my board from Invision Power Board 3.2 to WBB!!!!!!!

    I have been trying non stop for 45 hours and I cannot do it!

    It said it was compatibile with this. I bought this forum software to switch and the converter is NOT WORKING!!!!

    Please help me now. I need some sleep badly and my boss is going to kill me.…/2132012-1684_SQL1.tar.gz is where the upload is. if anyone can help me convert this database to WBB format from IPB 3.2 I would pay you a lot of money.

    Thank you so much.

  • Unfortunately we cannot provide you with an importer for Invision Power Board 3.2 for now, you might have a chance by converting to another software first (e.g. phpBB).

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • why would I have to convert to another forum system and then back to yours. and PHPBB would certainly break my forum.

    i suggest you to then, work on your converter and have it convert to IPB.

    As a matter of fact you just lost a client. I am going to stick with IPB. This is just too much work.

    I will sell the license to the forums to another person that is that desperate.

    thanks anyways.