Burning Board (latest version) integration

  • Greetings,

    Before my buy the product, I need to know is there any possibility to integrate Burning Board and website. Actually I need something like the official Woltlab's website with login at the header.

    All regards.

  • In general the easiest way would be modifying the forums theme to match your website which can be accomplished pretty easily with our shipped style editor.

    If you want to integrate certain features of our software (e.g. the login panel) on your standalone website I must say it is not possible that easy. Burning Board is based upon our software "Community Framework" which provides features like user management etc. In our case our website is an application based upon "Community Framework" too which enables us to easily integrate the user panel into our website.

    You might want to adjust your forum's style first and evaluate if you're satisfied with that. If you want other features (e.g. integrating the user panel) you might hire us at any time so we can create such a feature exclusively for you: contact us for free via email to woltlab@woltlab.com

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • I appreciate for Your correct answer.

    So, if I hire Your team to make login panel to tell me whether is user is logged in or not, should I pay that feature or is it free?

    All regards.

  • Thank you for Your fast answer, but I need to know the price, because my budget is limited. Already spent a lots of money on similar things but this looks promising :)