Required Profile Fields

  • I would like to add several new questions to my user profile, which are required. However as I already have hundreds of registered members already the forum will not force these members to complete the required fields.

    I have been researching how to get the users to complete these fields. I can see that the table "wcf1_user_option" is where these profile questions are saved. At the moment the installation is standard so there are 49 fields. Am I right in saying that if I added another profile question, this would insert optionID 50? Now for "wcf1_user_option_value", this looks to be the place which stores the answer to the profile questions. So if I did add another question, the answer would be stored in a field "userOption50"? Is this correct so far ??

    I could easily create a PHP script which checks the database to see if these additional fields are NULL, and if so, send the user an email asking them to complete them.

    What I don't know is how to intergrate such into WBB.

    Can someone assist me in this?

  • You don't need to create any kind of scripture.. it's already included in the boards.

    User > Profile Fields > List profile fields > Click the pencil on the required question > Check "Include this question in registration" & "this field is required to be filled out by the user".

    Then when your user access's thier profile to update, they won't be able to save without information in the field.

    Hope this helps.

  • You are right so far, Arthiis, but many users never updates their profile and will so they are never forced to fill up the new fields.

    I think it is possible to write an EventListener that checks the users profile after login an redirect her/him to the userprofile if not all fields filled. But I'm not as good in WCF/WBB-programming to give you further information how to do it. Perhaps someone can help if my idea is not so stupid.


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