Download/File Manager

  • Hi

    I have heard that you guys are working on a file/download manager plug-in and I was just wondering if there is any ETA for the beta version
    In addition I would love to help you guys on this, I have been trying to convert jgs-db to work with wbb3 but I think It's better to start from scratch and built a plug-in that works with your CMS and or maybe Portal plug-ins you have made

    please do provide some ETA or progress report on download/file manager if there has been any progress on that


  • There is currently no Plugin in Progress. The only thing like that we were working was a standalone-Application (like wBB3) for the wcf. But its still a work in progress and not released yet.

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  • Thanks for clarification
    can't wait for release of that application, please keep us updated