Site stop work?

  • Hi,

    My site system crash down no reason last night i check the site and every thing was great
    now i check my site and i get error cant connect my site i didnt copy the error
    just check my site

    i didnt install any plugin i just did update 3 days ago and the site was working fine after it
    can i get any clue what is the problem.

    when i press the woltlab link i get this "Error number 1114: The table '%s' is full"
    what table is full ?

  • the default setting for the maximum size of a memory or heap table is set to ~16MB in MySQL.
    If you have lots of users online, the wcf1_session table (which is of the memory type) will grow larger than this and you get the error.
    modify your my.cnf and add
    max_heap_table_size = 128M
    to grow the limit to 128M - or whatever suits your needs.
    Othrerwise you can clear the session table manually.

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  • The table is automatically cleaned up by a cronjob. Sometimes plugins can scrwe up the cronjobs and therefore render them useless. Check your cronjob execution log if the cronjobs were executed properly.

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