Host change

  • Hi all,

    this is SOS call

    i change my hosting service and know my site not going up i update the for the right sql server
    but look like i need to change the path location where the hell is the file old the path location?

    SITE is DEAD need help plz


  • This is a user helps user forum. There is no guaranteed support, here. You have to pay for support tickets if you want guarenteed support answers.

  • I know how its work Black but the didnt think
    that some use plugin for long time now after the CLOSE WC no one can help you
    i had some plugin god know how i fix it and i only change hosting service .
    i guess i need to go to some new system .

    thank you for the help before

    • Official Post

    So you want to have Support between 00:58 Uhr and 02:05 Uhr? Normally pepole in German sleep than. ;) You should wait at leat 24h to get help in this forum.

    As Black Rider said. If you want to have ofiicial support, you have to buy for it.

    Thorsten Buitkamp

  • hey friend could you tell me where the files are located and where i should change the paths. im about to start a host move want process to go smoothly. cheers :thumbup:

  • You simply have to change the value in the ACP after moving your files and database to the new webspace for your URL: System -> Options -> General -> Site -> Adress (URL) to your forum.

    In the file at /wcf/ you have to enter your new login data for your database.