Licence Update Rip-Off

  • Purchase date: Oct 5th 2010
    Newest version: 3.1.4
    Update access until: May 20th 2012

    I orinigally purchased WBB3 on Oct 5th 2010, which came with 1 years updates. I recently purchased an additional 1 year on May 21st 2011 to take advantage of the free style. Now my expiry date is shown as May 20th 2012 which is wrong! Surely this should be Oct 5th 2012?

  • Before you talk about a "rip-off", which is not very polite of you, why don't you write an e-mail to us to ask what happened? To open up a thread here and to claim that we ripped you off is not funny!

    I'm sure that everything will be clear after you wrote that mail to and nothing wrong. Have you updated your user account to the new system already, which may be the reason why you see wrong expiry dates?

    "Viribus Unitis"

    Harald Székely

  • Still not had a reply from Woltab.
    I am starting to think I should contact my credit card provider for a refund.

  • Let me tell you that this is the wrong forum for your question. I'll move the topic so that the team will recognise it. We do not always follow the discussions here, since this is a users-help-users-forum.

    But i can surely tell you that every e-mail will be answered by us. Are you sure that you wrote to the correct adress? There are plenty of reasons why a e-mail may get lost …

    Not sure what happened here … ?(

    "Viribus Unitis"

    Harald Székely

  • I orinigally purchased WBB3 on Oct 5th 2010, which came with 1 years updates.

    That is not correct.

    With Invoice Number IN-101482 you bought a standard licence with two years of free troubleshooting (That is NOT the update-access) and Community Blog for 69,98 EUR.

    On May 21st 2011 you bought one year update-access and the space stlye family (Invoice Number: 105846)

    So you will have updates untill May 20th, 2012. That is exactly what you have ordered. I can see no problems there, sorry.

    Please look in your customers area to check this, beforce you contact your credit card provider.

    Thorsten Buitkamp