R-Gallery to Woltlab Gallery import

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  • Is not it my friend why someone is not writing a licensed official support site you tell me why do not you help? I would like to help WoltLab gallery gallery why we took them out, we got the license?


  • Hello, AirGunTurk you may have problems about English, please contact me via PM in Turkish!

  • If he could provide a correct english description of his problem, someone might be able to help him.

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  • Here we go, he wants to import images of RGallery into WBB Gallery. But he couldn't, he has an error during this process which is

    I have had a chat with him, he produces correct steps what plugin says, i also asked him if he changed the root directory of forum on any date and if so i suggest him to copy rg_data folder to root directory of his forum and try again.