upgrade from nuke-evo to wwb

  • hello

    i hope its the right forum

    i like to know if some one know if the import system is working?
    on this system i even try it on phpbb system and its not working
    any one have an idea the the error i get all the time is
    prefix is not right and it is.

    i will be happy for any help i need to make sure i can swap my old
    system to this wwb that i start to like.

    btw i use the lite version just for the test before i buy the new 3 version.

  • As you were already asking in the WoltLab Supportforums, it's the best choice to ask there. The WoltLab Community is designed to help with customizing your WoltLab Burning Board 3 / WoltLab Burning Board Lite 2.

    As far as I know there is no importer for nuke-evo yet, as it's not a boardsystem. You may ask WoltLab to develope one, but anyway you have to pay for.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • i know i ask there .
    btw phpbb 2 and nuke-evo are the same forum the only problem
    if u see on the support u see its don't see the prefix.
    any i try in on phpbb and the system didn't work.

    but i will wait