User ID BBCode

  • @ Seymour: thank you and sorry for my bad eyes :(

    Is this extension works with [user]1328303[/user] ?

    I think is safe using userID than userName coz how about user with already change they username;
    The return will show broken links or user not found?

    BTW thank for fast reply :D

    Sorry for my bad english :D

  • That is certainly true. :) You have a Mail

    WBB: 4.0.x * WCF: 2.0.x
    OS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit * Browser: Chrome 34.x, alternativ Firefox 26.x
    Server: Linux Ubuntu 10.04 LTS[color=#404040][size=8] * Webserver: Apache/2.2.14 * PHP: 5.3.2 * MySQL: 5.1.63

  • @ Seymour: thank again... working perfectly :thumbsup:

    I love this community so much ^^

    I got what I want, please close this thread :D

    Sorry for my bad english :D