Looking for plugin: Download / Repository / Files

  • Hello I'm looking for plugin which can add files repository to forum.
    It can work just like Portal - News plugin which gets topics from custom forum and treats them as news.

    Dying to see English documentation...

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    And explanation about what I had in mind when I was writing topic message.
    First of all I didn't knew BB3 has such advanced download system.
    Secondly I suspected someone could have done attachment list or something like that,
    which would work just like this download module but instead of adding new file this plugin
    would take attachment list from some forum and list them just like the PortalNews do with custom forum topics.

    Now one more question about this download module.
    How can I remove file size restriction which shows me warning below when I try to upload file which has 266 Kilobytes ( KB )
    File is oversized
    Field description:
    Here you can upload a file (max. Size: 50000 bytes). Link and size will be entered automatically.
    ATTENTION: As soon as you uploaded them, files will be visible and are available for download!
    Allowed file extensions: jpg,jpeg,gif,png,xml,mp3,ogg,pdf,txt,tar,gz,exe,rar,dem

    Dying to see English documentation...

  • By default, the max. file size you can upload is 50 kB.

    You can change this size for every group you want:

    Users->User groups->TheGroupYouWantToChangeTheSize

    There, General permissions-> Download-DB -> Can download files smaller than the specified size (bytes) <- That is a translation mistake!!!
    It’s actually : Can upload files smaller than the specified size (you can check the german translation : hochladen, what means upload.

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  • I... I... I can? I LOVE THIS DAMN SCRIPT :D

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    Thank you for help Guiwald.

    Dying to see English documentation...