Developing of a new module

  • Hello.
    I'm not really sure this is the right place to post this kind of topic so please do yell ;)
    Soon I will be making new web page and I want to use BB3 for this purpose. Unfortunately I know only little about this bundle.
    The API documentation is only in german so I've heard,
    so please do me a favour and answer for question below.
    What is catalog / folder structure - please describe which files are located in some main project folders
    Where are the modules located and how are they divided.
    How does MVC implementation works in BB3.
    How templating implementation works in BB3.
    I would really appreciate also some kind of UML diagram showing how does the framework works. Not very advanced one.

    Regards and thank you in advance. :)

  • Thanks for reply it will be helpful if I will understand how modules are made

    Fortunately it looks like I understand basics of folder division in BB3. ( and I have to admit its pretty awesome )
    Now please tell me what is the difference between /lib and /wcf/lib.

  • Now please tell me what is the difference between /lib and /wcf/lib.

    The difference is simple: The first is the wBB3-Library, the second is the WCF-Library. All elements in this library are in different folders, depending on what they are doing. For example all pages that are showing contents are in the page-directory, all pages that have forms in it (like the wysiwyg) are in the forms-directory and so on. They can be accessed by e.g. index.php?page=Thread or index.php?form=ThreadAdd.

    If a application depends on the wcf you can access sites from the wcf in it (if you want to access to a page from a wcf-plugin, you even have to require those too).

    All Plugins are in Tarballs, for that you can use 7zip to open or save it (WinRar or Winzip can´t save Tarballs). The introductions are written in xml-files and the most important of it is the package.xml. This xml tells the wcf what to do on an Installation or Update.

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  • Thanks for this basics info, it will be helpfull I'm sure for many non-german people.
    I'll keep following this thread, and hope more people who knows about the WBB packaging and modul system work will participate.

  • The english WCF-Documentation is coming soon, i think this will solve a lot of problems for our "non-german-speaking" users ;). Arian Glander wrote it in this this german thread: Technische Dokumentation - Plugins für das WoltLab Burning Board und das WoltLab Community Framework

  • I'm looking really forward to this documentation and thank you for reply.
    By the way it would be great if someone would make simple tutorial about creating new modules and making installable tarbals. ( In English of course :P )