Resizing images

  • Hi,

    I'm looking for a plugin (maybe it already exists?) who could resize an image.
    When I say resize, I speak about how big is the image.

    For example, I could ask to this plugin to resize all image bigger than 200ko, to fit in this 200ko (maybe that should reduce the size of the image in the same time).

    I really don't know if it's possible, but let me now :)

    Thanks !

  • Hi,

    Thanks for this answer, but I'm not sure that is this kind of plugin I need.

    Actually, I'm also not sure to understand what is this plugin for (everything is in german, and not really clear.

    But I think it would be definitively a good idea to do a plugin making the possibility to resize images when uploading in the forum.

  • I think you better ask in the thread to the plugin, maybe anyone can answer in (better) English. ;)

    I do not realy know what the plugin does. As I understand you can upload a image and the link can be used in posts like BBCodes.