English Doc's on how to make a plugin

  • Are there any English doc's available that tell you in detail how to make a plugin?
    i have a simple one, where you see "favorites" at the top of this forum, that's what my plugin is.
    I've tried using that "Package Builder", but it's confused me. I don't have an idea on how to do the language files and the template changes with .diff files.

    any help would be appreciated.:)

  • I have translated this from german to english:
    3) Creating Custom Sites
    3.1) 'page'
    3.2) 'form'
    3.3) 'action'
    4) The Template System

    if there is any need, send a pm

    Plugin-Support ausschließlich über die WCom Supportforen des jeweiligen Plugins. Ich mach bis auf weiteres 'Urlaub' von der wCom ;)