Recommended .Diff Program?

  • Anyone have a program they recommend for making your .diff files? The one I tried to use used a different timestamp then what is in other packets. Even though the rest of the format was correct. (I don't know if that even matters though.)

  • Well thats... odd... thats the program I'm using. It gives me a timestamp like this:

    --- registerDisclaimer.tpl 2007-12-18 15:51:44.872326300 -0800
    +++ registerDisclaimerNew.tpl 2007-12-18 15:54:17.306899500 -0800

    When the timestamps from other packets are something like this:

    --- C:/Programme/Xampp/xampp/htdocs/wbb3/wbb/templates/thread.tpl Sat Jun 23 20:39:44 2007
    +++ C:/Programme/Xampp/xampp/htdocs/wbb3/wbb/templates/thread_patched.tpl Wed Jun 27 14:41:21 2007

    ... Any ideas as to why?

  • I think thats a localization or OS-related thing. But who cares? The time format is irrelevant.

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  • You can use Winmerge also, but you have to change the settings to "unified diff" as output-format.

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