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    I have some questions regarding my old license. I bought my first license in 2004 and it was valid up till version 2.2.3 if I'm correct. However due to the new changes to this site I had to convert my old customer account into a new one. This wasn't an easy proces since I had a lot of problems regarding the password and the thing is I had to use another e-mail adress because I could not access my old account anymore and if I went to register a new account to transfer my old license to, I was in need of another e-mail adress.
    Furthermore, my old forum account also didn't work nor did the password retrieve option. The given password kept being invalid. So I even had to use this new account which came with the creating of a new customer account.

    These issues aside, the problem is I cannot access the "old" downloads of the versions I had access to (wbb 2.2.3.) which is kinda a bother since I do need them (for testing purposes on my localhost) and I am entitled to them since I purchased the license for those. Already send a message about this through the contact us form but you might have an answer for me here.

    And now my questions regarding the new Wbb3.x and it's license:
    1. What is the difference between Wbb 3.x and Wbb 2 Lite? Is there a comparison chart available? Which options am I missing if I use the free version and what are the pro's and con's between those. What do I get more if I decide to buy Wbb 3.x?
    2. Since I have an older license, I would just need to update it for 39,99 euro. However, I already have an old license (to which I don't have access to the downloads that have to come with that license), is there any discount on buying/upgrading a new license?
    3. Is there a portal addon available (I did see one but coudn't test it ofcourse due to obvious reasons) which allows me to have news on the main page which I post on a certain forum, allows me to arrange the boxes at the sides and has the ability to add custom pages to it?

    Thanks in advance for your response, I hope I elaborated my problems in enough detail.

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  • 1. Burning Board 3.1 provides much more functions than Burning Board Lite 2.1 - especially in the moderation and administration of the forum (e.g. inline-moderation, multi-quote-function). A comparison chart isn't available at the moment.
    2. You can upgrade your existing license for only EUR 39.99 to get access to the newest Burning Board version (3.1.2).
    3. There is an unofficial portal addon available in the WoltLab Community:

    Marcel Werk
    WoltLab CEO

  • 1. What is the difference between Wbb 3.x and Wbb 2 Lite?

    Just a quick info on that:

    You seem to mix up WBB with WBBLite. There is no WBB 2 Lite, there is only a second version of WBBLite, that's called WBBLite 2 and is the smaller brother of WBB 3 … hope that clears everything for you. :)

    "Viribus Unitis"

    Harald Székely