Changes between Burning Board 3.1.1 and 3.1.2

    • Changes between Burning Board 3.1.1 and 3.1.2

      Bug Fixes / Improvements
      • Fixed missing display of inline attachments in RSS feeds
      • Fixed missing permissions at quick reply
      • When copying posts permissions will be
      • Fixed SQL error in topic list
      • Fixed erroneous permissions for deleted content
      • Fixed error in the list of active warnings
      • Fixed mistake in error message when editing time limit is reached
      • Fixed error when moving topics containing prefixes
      • Fixed error when viewing reported topics lying in the trash
      • Fixed SMF data importing error
      • Opera 10.5 support (only text area, full support will follow)
      • Constructor of RequestHandler is now protected and not private any more
      • Database password in the stacktrace now filtered out when using MySQLi
      • Modified use of trim() in Code tags
      • Implemented a function for deleting orphaned session data
      • Deleted users will not show up in the profile users display anymore
      • Error at attachment containers uninstallation corrected
      • Improved keyword recognition in profile fields
      • Erroneous execution times of Cronjobs corrected
      • REQUEST_URI now limited to 255 characters
      • Fixed error with numerical tags
      • Workaround for browser back problem in Internet Explorer 8 implemented
      • Validation of select options now less strict
      • Error messages for templates / ACP templates without writing permissions corrected
      • "Details" button for polls now always visible
      • Removed use of deprecated functions
      • Prevented faulty template group names
      • Legal notice remains accessible even when terms of use have to be confirmed again
      • Corrected error in the statistics
      • Added missing support for module control
      • Erroneous e-mail notification when editing PMs corrected
      • Prevented empty album lists
      • Added missing validation of permissions in the Community Guestbook
      • Corrected wrong character encoding in warning PMs
      • Added multiple language support for group names on the team page
      • Prevented doubled error messages when using too large images in signatures
      • Enlarged database column for GPS data of images
      • Attachments of PMs are now being deleted correctly
      • Blog entries are now still accessible, even if the autor has no permissions to use the Community Blog anymore
      • Fixed error when editing comments on multiple pages in the Community Blog/Gallery
      • Corrected miscellaneous HTML and display errors as well as some typos
      "Viribus Unitis"

      Harald Székely