What book are you reading?

  • Do you like to read books?, are you reading now?

  • Hi :).

    currently, I'm reading The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

    Demjenigen, der link ist, ist alles recht.

    Das Gute - dieser Satz steht fest - ist stets das Böse, was man lässt!

    Perfektion ist ein stummes Gut.

  • Someone sent me three books lately and unfortunately I'm still busy reading them as I have very limited time at the moment:

    • Ivan Turgenev - Fathers and Sons
    • Horst Evers - Gefühltes Wissen ( Something like "felt knowledge")
    • André de Guillaume - How to be a genius

    Don't know when I'll be able to finish reading them as next week lectures start and I'll need to read a lot of science literature.

  • :D
    I read the terms of use of my forum.
    And I try to rewrite the legally stilted phrasemongery to get a small list of simple rules with do's and don'ts.

    Another edition on my desk:
    BRAIN RULES, by John Medina.
    The 12 principles on how the brain function and its effects on the way we work.


  • Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams: Wikinomics
    + other web related technical stuff