Woltlab Space width

  • hello,

    i wanted to make the new style wider by changing its width setting in the acp
    it only made the forum body wider ignoring the header menu
    is it possible to make both wider?

  • i understand but have you though about high resolution screens?
    on my 24 inches imac the forum only use half of the available space and it makes it look empty and kinda ugly.
    Professional styles shouldn't use fixed width, it should be dynamic to fit all sizes.
    honestly if i knew this would happen i wouldnt get the style in the first place but its a little late now :(

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    Hi - I have a 24inch screen as well. Fixed width is not unprofessional. I know many big news pages that have fixed width. It makes it easier to read text. Thats what its all about. But it's a matter of taste.

    Do you see the curved header. This can only be done through a graphic. If you want another width the graphic has to be remade.

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    already did and it was only viewed 5 times!

    Please do not post about the WCom here, there's a forum for that in the WCom itself! It's a users help users forum, so noone can say when an answere will be posted.

    The WCom is — as this forum is — mostly visited by germnan users. As long as the english community is so small there will be not so much activity there. You are the next, you don't want to post there, so the next person, which visits the WCom will think: "Nothing going on here". See your mistake? ;)

    We are hoping for a bigger english community, but that needs users and users willing to write here. It's no use to complain about too less users when you also don't want to write there … ;)

    Sorry, i don't have time for that. We are very busy with our own work. :S

  • I have install the new Board and it´s lovely.

    Byt there are one thing with the design that i just whant to changes.

    It is maybe becuse i have the forum in swedish and maybe this words are longer than other language.

    Check the images and you understand.

  • I know about two possibilities to bypass this issue. Either you increase the width of the forum via the style editor or you make the font smaller:

    .subTabMenu a { font-size: 7pt; }

    Demjenigen, der link ist, ist alles recht.

    Das Gute - dieser Satz steht fest - ist stets das Böse, was man lässt!

    Perfektion ist ein stummes Gut.

  • I know about two possibilities to bypass this issue. Either you increase the width of the forum via the style editor or you make the font smaller:

    .subTabMenu a { font-size: 7pt; }

    Yes, i now that i can changes the width in the style editorn and that is OK, but the header is a images and that i can´t changes so it looks OK.
    thanks anyway.

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    I don't understand. What's exactly the problem?

    It is totally normal, that links can go into the second row there! There are many other places in the software, where the subtabs are on two rows. they are built that way, so when there are more subtab menues they can fill two, three or more rows …

    And i have to remind you, that questions about customisations are wrong here. Please post such questions in the WoltLab-Community (WCom)! :)

  • Last post here about the style. I have attached to images and i whan´t you to check them out Harald as a "designer".
    What do you think about this... Is it hard to make some images so that the customers that whan´t this style can changes the width.

    Don´t think that all whant the line to split in 2 or more rows (this is just what i think)

    or like this

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    What's the difference between the two images? Sorry …

    I didn't want to sound unkind. I was just asking myself, why this should be such a problem. But OK, if you must have that, then why not. But i'm sure you'll get other pages, where there are two rows also.

    Have you thought about the browser font size? I can increase that with a shortcut and you'll have 2 rows of subtab links again, even if you fix that.

    The system is flexible, that's what it was designed for.

    If you really can't live without the change, then you'll have to change the style itself, which may be rather difficult. The subTabs are a bit complex. You could change the margins on the left an right side of the buttons. But i'm afraid, that's all you can do. Font size was already decreased as i see …

    I think it would really be better to talk about that in the WCom …

  • Can´t you see the difference, then i put up to more images with red line around the word.

    and this

    i think there is a big difference.

    Well never mind i have changes my site and now it´s look OK.